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My event work started in the late 1970’s, and I often work on corporate events and the motivational speaker’s circuit. I have photographed four US presidents in both photo-op lines and private meetings with some of the most prestigious business leaders in the country.  For your convenience the galleries are organized by:

You will also find a list of these categories on the title bar to the left. Most categories includes a photo gallery and the galleries can also be accessed from the bottom of this page.

I have often worked in large arenas and colosseums of 25k of more people and once headed a photography team at a business convention in the Georgia Dome. Attendance was at 80k+ and entertainment / speakers included President George H. Bush, Zig Ziggler, The Oakridge Boys and many more.  

The list of people I have photographed on the speaker’s circuit includes: Paul Harvey, Andy Stanley, John Wooden, Ronald Reagan, John Maxwell, Evander Holyfield, Robin Leach, George Forman, William Shatner, Norman Schwarzkoph, Rich DeVos, Dave Thomas, Mary Lou Retton, Zig Ziggler, Dexter Yager, Oliver North, Stephen Covey, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, Norman Vincent Peale, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Dick Clark, Ben Carson M.D., Bo Desarro,  and more 

Bands and musical groups include: Cool And The Gang, Dolly Parton, Sawyer Brown, Johnny Cash with June Carter, Eddie Rabbitt, The Beach Boys, Peter Noone, Diamond Rio,  Leretta Lynn, Pat Boone, The Monkeys, The Spinners, Jerry Reed, Marie Osmond, Glen Campbell, and many many more, including a hand full of Elvis impersonators. Whew 

I have often photographed corporate boards, officers and groups that are being recognized or awarded. All portraits (individuals and couples) featured in the photo gallery were made on location; either at a company event or at the corporate office.

East Photography also offers photo-quality prints made and delivered right on location. The photograph of the young couple to the left is an example. The occasion was an award banquet for a nationally known company. Prints were made and given to the attendees during the course of the party.  



In short, its hard to imagine an event environment that I have not worked in. I can only shoot it once… I get it right! Failure is not an option. All critical equipment is redundant and files are backed up on site.

Client List (in no particular order): Ruth’s Salads, Page Advertising, IBM, Celanese, Internet Services, Amway/Quixtar, The Urban Land Institute, Gaston Museum, Les Brown, Zig Ziggler, Discount Tire, General Dynamics, The CFIDS Association, The Mortgage Bankers Association, Womble Carlyle, Childriss Klein, Sheen-Keller Media, Wachovia, Liberty Mutual, John Deer, YMCA of Greater Charlotte, Thm Tooter, Goodpasture & Associates, Custom Printers, Freedom Distributing, Liberty Lane, Chappell Studios, Market South, David Henson & Co., National Meat and Seafood, Lance Snacks, .................................................place.holder.....................................................................

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